What is Arkhaion

Arkhaion is a unique and pioneering creation in musical fields. It is primarily an ambiental project, yet it presents a unique blend of choral and symphonic passages with dark ambient and mystical atmosphere. The music of Arkhaion resonates with heroic tone, with choral samples giving tribute to lost ancient kings, while the gloomy atmosphere reflects the obscurity and mystery of the times well beyond our formal historic records. Alongside the theme which is inspired by archaeo-mythology, with myths that speak about the unknown times before the world has been destroyed for the last time in the age of Man – a time before the Great Flood and the rise of the “first” civilization that our mainstream historical books talk about, this creation can, for the sake of orientation and simplicity, be described as ‘heroic/mythical ambient’. But Arkhaion is much more than a mere work of art, and more then an assembly of sounds. Contained in itself is a message to these modern times and a spirit which transcends our thoughts and conceptions that we have about our own origins and our place in this universe. Arkhaion sends a message to the modern Man about his true origins and forgotten history, creates an atmosphere that will lead his mind and spirit to these obscure ages of the past, and makes available for him to feel and see that this world was much more different and mysterious than the world he has been taught about all these years.


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